KILLABEE is today a company with 21 years of experience during which we have accumulated deep knowledge in technology and quality certifications, and refined our research and development capabilities.

The company was founded in 2001 starting off as a manufacturer of office chairs. In 2013, the passion for gaming online and a huge back pain after sitting for long periods of time gave the inspiration for our first gaming chair. We provide ergonomic chairs specifically aimed at gamers, smart workers, office workers, and all those people who need to sit at their desks for many hours during the day, every day.
While featuring a stylish, unique and avant-garde design, the KILLABEE gaming chairs will bring relief from hip and back pressure and strain on shoulders and neck caused by prolonged sedentariness.

Quality at a reasonable price is our core value and the challenge we accept every day. Still today, after 21 years, we strive to go even further with our accomplishments in this domain.